About us


Sue and great-grandbaby Lincoln Olivia

Sue and Lee Ann live in southern Delaware, about 6 miles from the Delaware Bay and 20 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

Sue is retired from 30-plus years in the travel business.  She is a mom, grandmom and great-grandmom. Since she retired in 2009, she has focused on her cooking and baking. She enjoys cooking for people.She makes homemade baby food for her great-granddaughter, Lincoln Olivia. She is originally from Prospect Park, a suburb of Philadelphia. She loves hunting for bargains on the internet and in thrift stores.





Lee Ann (pink) in half marathon

Lee Ann grew up in Texas and started out as a journalist, then worked in politics for former Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner. While working in state government, she became interested in land use and planning. She also learned graphic and web design and earned certificates in both.  She retired from the State of Delaware in 2013 and then ran two part-time businesses – web and graphic design for nonprofit and Cedar Creek Planning and Communications.  She enjoys photography, reading and biking and is learning to play the guitar. Now she is (almost) totally retired.

In 2016, Sue turned 70 and Lee Ann turned 60.  This blog chronicles their “adventures.”