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We’d like to share with you

December 27, 2015

It dawned on us as we head into 2016 that we are happily retired, immersed in simple pleasures, each with our own set of interests and skills.  Maybe we have something to share.

In 2016, I will turn 60 and Sue will be 70. We are planning some adventures. No, there will be no skydiving. But there are a few bucket list items to take care of.

On January 25, the two of us will have been together for 31 years.  We are not flashy. Sue loves to cook and bake and is a smart-shopping fiend on Google.  I still work a bit, building websites and helping communities to plan for their futures.  We have lived in the same 1,435-square-foot house since 1993, when we were operating in different worlds.  If we go in any direction, it will be smaller. We have been steadfast members of our Episcopal church in Dover, Delaware.

Then there is the great-grandchild, Lincoln Olivia.  We are now the owners of an infant car seat, installed yesterday. We have babysitting adventures, and Sue makes homemade baby food and scans the internet for items such as teething rings, car seats and cures for infant acid reflux. She loves shopping in thrift stores and is building a collection of Fisher Price toys gleaned from Goodwill and other flea markets.

I love to learn new things – guitar, digital painting, history. And I try to stay fit through running, biking and kayaking.

Like I said, we are not flashy. But we are happy. Maybe we have something to share. This is our digital scrapbook, as Sue calls it.


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