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Giving the Lakes the Finger

October 16, 2021

Throughout the pandemic, we have observed a range of behaviors from people our age. I know a grandma just recently recovered from breast cancer who flies out west to visit loved ones and travels regularly with her significant other. Another couple who regularly entertain the unvaccinated grandkids and have taken multiple Road Scholar trips. An urban couple who have remained in virtual lockdown the entire time — no…

Both of us Great-grandchild

Adventures in babysitting

December 28, 2015

Occasionally, we have backup babysitting duty for great-grandchild Lincoln Olivia, who is almost 8 months old. Sue looks forward to these visits with enthusiasm. I feel panic, lacking basic maternal instincts and sustained time with an infant since I last babysat in, oh, 1974. We had cloth diapers and pins back then. You actually did not feel guilty letting a child cry herself to sleep. Times have changed. Paternal…