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Freedom’s just another word for . . . indecision

August 26, 2016

We are trying to figure out what to do with the rest of our lives. Frankly, we are all over the map as we discuss if and where we should move, where we should travel, what activities should we undertake, how much I should work, and other weighty questions in the year I turn 60 and Sue turns 70. There is a rather panicked sense that we need to hurry up and decide.

One morning recently, we woke up and realized we were bored with Delaware. In a state this small (three counties), we have visited and revisited the same trails, parks, beaches, outlets and restaurants. That day, to alleviate our ennui, we explored two quiet state parks on Maryland’s Eastern Shore – Tuckahoe and Martinak. But we are mature enough (obviously) not to lurch into a “grass-is-greener” situation. Sue has family here, including the all-important great-granddaughter, Lincoln. We have a church family. I have a lot of business contacts and connections. And Delaware is tucked away in a strategic East Coast location, with a lot of back roads to bike and creeks to kayak.


2016 Roadtrek Zion, the apple of my eye.

We love to travel; that much we know. We were thinking about moving into a small town where we could walk to more places and be part of a community. We explored Chestertown and Rock Hall, Md. I am doing a lot of work in Laurel.  We watch “Fixer Upper” marathons on HGTV, but that is not really us; we just love Chip and Joanne. We are crazy about Lewes, but it is out of our price range. There is always a set of cons to go with the pros. We’re not sure just moving to another place in Delaware (or Maryland) is really the answer. Right now, we are focusing on getting some work done on our home while we debate.

The choices seem to be narrowing. For one thing, I have decided to cease all paid work when Social Security kicks in, in May 2018. (Yes, I am taking it immediately.) The kind of work I do has very little overhead and expenses, and I am getting tired of writing quarterly checks to the IRS. The monthly government check will be earmarked for travel and adventure.

So a vision is taking shape, although I am not quite sure Sue shares it yet. It involves a smaller, “Class B” recreational vehicle. I have this dream of us driving around with total freedom to go wherever we want. I have been up to my eyeballs reading about Winnebago Travatos, Roadtrek Zions, and Pleasure Way Lexor TSes. Pulling up to a wooded campground on a lake, setting Sue free to work her magic and meet new people while I empty the black water tank. I promised her I would handle the propane and the poop. Of course, neither of us has any idea how to hook up an RV to electricity or anything else. But the son-in-law knows how to do it all, and he would teach us.

Sue never makes a decision quickly, and she has kept me from making some questionable ones. Nothing annoys her more than when I am in Obsession Mode. She has said positive things about the RV idea, like I could sell my Prius and this would be our second vehicle. If the electricity went out in our house, we could stay in the RV, she said. I live for those encouraging signs, knowing this cannot be a unilateral decision. We have married friends where each really does his or her own independent thing and spends their own money; that’s not us.

But if RVing with you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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