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Adventures in Babysitting – Toddler Edition

September 3, 2016

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We had Lincoln for the day. It is a joy to be able to see things from her perspective. She laughs all the time and makes us laugh. In fact, she has not cried at all the past couple of times we have babysat, other than for 15-30 seconds as her mom is leaving.

We try to limit her television, although we do know the words to “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and “The Hot Dog Dance.” Today she played with a spatula, pot holder, clothespins, and an empty yogurt container. We took her for three walks, including to the playground in Milton.

We feel as if we are getting very tired and then she takes a nap and we all feel rejuvenated. It is a blessing to have her around and for her to be a part of our lives – at our age. It does take two of us to keep up with her at our combined age of 130. A couple of weeks ago we took her to the baby pool at the YMCA – keeping up with her and all that concrete was definitely a two-person job.


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